Monday, August 26, 2013

Shame (Part I)

Embarrassment is a very weird thing. People laugh at other people's pain and embarrassment, while when the teasers THEMSELVES get laughed at because of a shameful fault, they try to defend themselves. You might be wondering why I brought this topic up today instead of some other psychological problem or a book report. Well, it's because my day at school today was revolving on this post's topic: Embarrassment. It's what made my day in school, well, exciting and at the same time embarrassing. Here are the horrible highlights of today's shameful screw-up:
(Disclaimer: There's only one shameful happening today, so this post will be divided into tow parts. It might not be as hilarious as anticipated, but nonetheless still spine-busting-ly funny.

-Today I expected it to be a chance to impress my friends (and my coach) with my supernaturally incredible athletic ability in swimming (It's not such a big surprise that I'm significantly more skilled at swimming than my friends, seeing as my brother and I have been taking swimming practices from a very young age. Our practices started in the morning from Monday to Saturday from 4-6 a.m. with occasional evening practices from 4-6 p.m.), and I prepared to dazzle my friends (despite the fact that they hardly pay attention to me. Anyway, read on). But that practice was more of an embarrassment than a display of pure talent when I discovered that I WAS THE ONLY GUY IN THE CLASS WHO WORE SWIMMING SHORTS. The rest of the class were wearing swimsuits. You could imagine the looks on their faces as they looked at my revealing swim gear. The rest of the practice went downhill after that. At least one of my friends tried to console me by saying: "It's OK Jason. At least it was swimming shorts. It could've been worse. You could imagine if it was a THONG." (This was actually quite comforting, because I've ever worn one of those extremely skimpy swim trunks.

Since this post is continued, I'll continue with the afterword on the next post. Sorry for the brief afterword, But I promise I'll make up for it.

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