Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Report 2: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

(Reading Book Report 1 will help define the first paragraph)
Other than reading way-too-hard books such as Angels & Demons, I started to read less adventurous books by sixth grade. Now this post is another book I have managed to complete in a single day: (Not such a big surprise there, considering I was already in sixth grade and the book looked like it belonged in the "young adult" section of the bookstore. Anyway, read on) The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson. At first I never knew that James Patterson was famous for creating other such mind-numbing books such as Cat & Mouse, Along Came a Spider and other adult literature. But since I didn't know that yet, I thought that this guy was an expert young-adult book creator and had hardly any experience in adult literature. So anyway, here's how the book goes.

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X reminded me of Superman. (come to think of it, more to Man of Steel than Superman, one of the only differences being that the main antagonist isn't fighting for the survival of his planet and the main character is a more of a teenager than an adult) Why? Well, here's a short synopsis: Daniel X thinks he is a normal kid, but as a toddler he's definitely surpassed the intellect of other kids years above him. Then one day when he was around six, his parents got killed by an intergalactical alien terrorist who was apparently so evil and skilful he's probably received death sentences in a few star systems. Anyway, after this ruthless murderer finished killing Daniel's parents, it proceeded to attempt to pound the boy into oblivion. But amazingly Daniel used his newfound powers to evade the psychotic killer.

A few years later he found the reason why his parents were killed. They were like bounty hunters (only without pay) who were given a list of the most ruthless aliens in the universe to kill. They were dispatched by the number 1 alien on their list (the one who came to Daniel's house) before they could finish the job. Daniel proceeded to finish his parents' duty and the main antagonist was the next alien on Daniel's list. To make a VERY LONG story short, Daniel managed to subdue the alien and the antagonist's underlings surrendered after seeing what Daniel did to their leader.

There is a very interesting thing in the story: Just like I told you before, the story was a lot like Man of Steel (or Superman) because of the following reasons: (in the brackets you will see what that part of the story reminds me of)
-Before the final confrontation, Daniel X meets the inhabitants of the original planet he came from. (Superman)
-The main antagonist is hell-bent on destroying Earth. (Man of Steel, except the bit about "hell-bent on destroying Earth". In Man of Steel, General Zod wants to destroy Earth for Krypton's survival)
-Daniel X is the weirdo of his school. (Both Man of Steel and Superman)
-Daniel's parents die. (Again, both Man of Steel and Superman, except that Superman's dad got stabbed by General Zod while Superman's mom died with Krypton)
There are thousands of other similarities, but God knows how long it'll take for you to read this post if I put in EVERY SINGLE similarity between this book and the Superman saga. I hope this post helps in some way. Thank you for reading and see you until the next post.

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