Friday, May 30, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 27

Hey guys, and welcome to the FINAL CHAPTER of We Are Anonymous. In this chapter, we will find out what happened to the world-famous Anonymous (and their top leaders). Did they manage to survive the countless waves of cops and somehow keep their reputation as one of the world's best hacking organizations? Or will they give in to the authorities, just like Sabu and Topiary? Well, don't let me hold you any longer, here's what happened...

In this chapter, the authorities take care of one more loose end: Kayla. Like all the other Anonymous, she too, eventually got down to the ground. And the interesting thing was that "she" was actually a "he". Yes, you read that right; Kayla is a GUY. On September 2, 2011, the Feds pulled up near a house in South Yorkshire. They found a 25-year old man named Ryan Mark Ackroyd, who turned out to be the notorious Kayla all along. Needless to say, the cops arrested him.

Ackroyd was an ex-British infantryman, who had served for four years, mainly in Iraq, which may have explained his outstanding hacking skills. The police also revealed that Sabu, one of the greatest Anons, was an informant to the police (he spilled the beans on Kayla's true identity). Sabu also compromised the identity of five other Anons. The news headlines were blaring, "Infamous International Hacking Group Brought Down By Own Leader" and an FBI official said that "We're chopping off the head of Anonymous". Emick also had a field day, and used it as an opportunity to show the whole world that Anonymous was no longer existent on the face of the Earth.

And Emick's statement seemed to ring true. As it seems, Anonymous members were getting arrested left and right. In Anonymous, it seemed like you couldn't be a famous hacker without getting the cops on your tail or even worse, get arrested (which, in the leaders' cases, was what happened). If it was that easy to catch a hacker leader, imagine how easy it was to catch the typical Anon hacker/supporter. As a matter of fact, in a protest in September 2011, 6800 people involved in a protest supporting Anonymous were arrested by the cops.

Despite the invaluable tips they got from Sabu, the FBI hadn't succeeded in getting Anonymous to give up. Instead, they decided to launch a sort of "counterattack" against various companies. Their recent series of arrests because of Sabu has led them to distrust in their hacker friends much more. New and skilled splinter groups of hackers risen in the wake of the crumbling of Anonymous.

Oh yeah, I think I forgot to tell you... it turned out that the authorities haven't arrested the real Kayla yet (honestly, how far will this "secret identity" thing go?). It turns out that although Ackroyd was a likely suspect (doing part of the hacks that "Kayla" did), but not the authentic hacker the cops were looking for. Emick posted that they haven't caught the real Kayla yet and were still hot on her trail. Additionally, Topiary made an impressive article online. It was about whaty had happened in Anonymous lately and most importantly, it sent a message to the public that Anonymous will not go down that easily. It was one impressive piece of work, and until today Anonymous is still hiding somewhere, hiding right under our noses.

That's all for the We Are Anonymous book. I really hoped that it helped you about knowledge about the world-known hacking group. I'll think of another book someday, but until then, goodbye and see you until the next post!

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