Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 24

Well people, this is the final chapter of Part 2 of We Are Anonymous. In this final epic chapter, we're going to find out what happened after all the awesome acts that LulzSec had made. Did the group get busted by the cops? Was it destroyed in the end? Well, in this chapter, let's find out!

It shocked the public (and probably you guys too) to know that Lulzsec wasn't actually a massive group of talented hackers that were working in unison to bring down famous websites and pull off difficult operations; it was a tiny group of six people. Imagine that! Six people working together and managing to bring down Fox, various corporations and governments.

In LulzSec's case, you didn't need an overcrowded organization of hackers in order to pull off phenomenal feats of hacking. LulzSec had something worth at least a few hundred peoples' hacking skills compiled into 6 people. Topiary even had a thought that Anonymous was like the more intelligent caveman, who would grief his enemies' houses at the dead of night. This caveman represented Anonymous; the superior people who had more brains than the average caveman at the time.

And anyway, don't think that just because LulzSec has been disbanded meant that it was their ultimate destruction. There were still some people in the world who were encouraged by the outstanding bravery and skill of our LulzSec hackers. These were the people who decided to split up into "splinter groups" which were basically smaller hacking groups avenging the downfall of LulzSec. They were a lot like the Anons and LulzSec, establishing their own ops, often in the name of Antisec (that anti-LulzSec group represented by the graffiti on a wall showing a crudely drawn guy in a top hat, remember?) and web activism. So although LulzSec was gone, its influence stayed forever.

These splinter groups have also managed to accomplish amazing feats of hacking; for example, they possess stolen data from a drug giant named "Pfitzer" and Wal-Mart.Meanwhile, Sabu was also busy "working" for the FBI, while actually aiding his fellow Anons tie up a few loose ends. At the same time, Topiary was also offering assistance to his fans, who appreciated his work and requested help for some operations they were currently doing.

Eventually, the media also caught up with Topiary and requested him to "appear" in their BBC and TV news shows via voice interviews, but regarding his safety concerns, he declined each and every one. He couldn't risk compromising his name with so much at stake. In fact, his pals decided to prank one of the world's largest people related to the media, who, in this case, was a man named Rupert Murdoch. The hackers hacked the company's website he worked for ( and made a joke about him. This way, the hackers just made a joke out of one of the world's most famous media men.

So that's the end of Part 2, everybody. LulzSec disbanded, but their influence there to stay forever. Now we are left with this question; will the smaller, splinter groups do a decent job upholding LulzSec's name, if not as good? Or will they not really live up to the expectations LulzSec die-hard fans? Well, the only way to find out is to see the next chapter, which will come out in a few days! Goodbye for now!

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