Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Are Anonymous Part 3 Overall Summary

Hey guys, and welcome back to my collection of We Are Anonymous summaries. As you know, we're officially done with the book, and this will be the final post on what has happened in Part 3. Anonymous almost ended, leaders arrested... Let's find out more.

First, we saw Topiary get arrested by the po-po for hacking. As you may recall, he was caught red-handed with some evidence of his hacking actions (if you remember, he did not take enough safety precautions to keep his hacking reputation hidden from the prying eyes of the authorities. Therefore, the police easily dug up the data they needed to prove Topiary a guilty, no-good hacker.

Then we saw Sabu and the accusations he had to withstand. As a prisoner for the authorities, he was forced to work for the FBI, resulting in his ratting out of the many "significant" hackers of Anonymous, among them Topiary. He also faced some insults from inside hacking world, such as messages from different hackers that he "ratted his friends out". Predictably, Sabu attempted to deny this, saying that he didn't "rat out" his friends (honestly, I don't know what he could've said after doing that).

And finally, the hacker Kayla was also arrested. "Kayla" was proven to be Ryan Mark Ackroyd, an ex-military hacker. However, a few pages later it is stated that Ryan was framed (in a way). It turns out that, despite doing a few despicable acts that have been reported to be done by Kayla, didn't do ALL of the crimes. So the hnt for the real Kayla still continues.

In the end, it turns out that, despite all the hardships experienced by the Anons, they managed to live through it and are still standing still and proud until today. That was the end of the book, so the true ending is indefinite. But that won't be the end of my blog, don't worry. There'll always be more books and more summaries, I can (almost) guarantee you that. Until the next post, then. Goodbye for now!

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