Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 25

Hello guys, and welcome back once again to another summary of We Are Anonymous. We have ventured far into the story of Anonymous, but unfortunately our journey through the hacking world has come to an end. Sabu arrested, LulzSec disbanded, and worst of all, THERE ARE ONLY 3 CHAPTERS LEFT IN THE BOOK! NO!!! So hold on tight. We are going to find out what happens in the final chapters of the book and the epic conclusion that awaits us at the final chapter.

What will happen in the end? Will Anonymous get disbanded as well? Will our heroes (I mean, hackers) survive the oncoming waves of the Feds and the special forces? Or will their identity eventually be compromised by the authorities? Well, we'll all find out at the end of the book. BUT... this is still the 3rd last chapter of the book, so without further ado, why not I just stop talking and get on with the summary? Anyway, the chapter begins in Topiary's point of view...

This chapter, sadly, discusses about Topiary's downfall. One fateful day, the Metropolitan police (or at least, some people who claimed to be with them) decided to go to Jake's house and bust him. The Feds had enough evidence to arrest him, as Topiary didn't think about wiping his incriminating documents (don't ask me how he forgot/didn't feel the need to do THAT) from his computer. He kicked himself for not doing that, and although the data in his computer's hard drive was encrypted, the cops easily extracted the encryption password from him as easy as one, two, three. Needless to say, Topiary was arrested, and Sabu posted "RIP Topiary" on his Twitter feed.

It was quite confusing when you think of how Topiary, a hacker who had successfully laid low well out of the cops, managed to get tracked down to his remote house in his remote island home. Some people say that it was thanks to Sabu and his federal friends (remember, Sabu was arrested by the cops a few months back, so he probably didn't have much of a choice but to work with his new federal fiends (I mean, "friends"). As a skilled Anonymous hacker, he's capable of accomplishing great hacks and may be the reason behind Topiary's arrest (if you ask me, it's a bunch of nonsense, especially because Sabu has been with Topiary even AFTER he got arrested. But then again, Sabu didn't have much of a choice.

Anyway, back to Topiary. Still remember that dude William? You know, the young hacker who blackmailed his friends? Well, Topiary had a little chat with him in a pizza restaurant about the leak of LulzSec to the public. They talked about how influential Anonymous was to the public. With their (mostly Topiary's) assistance, the world is now a changed place. Lots of people look up to their legendary hacking skills, and have seen the Anons as role models.

Soon, chatting time was over and William had to hop onto a train to his next destination (God knows where that was, I either missed it/it wasn't mentioned in the book). While on the train, William decided to change (and not in such a good, "no-hacking" way, either). He wanted to amount to more than just a mischievous kid who yearned to wreak havoc in the Web by holding people's Web accounts at ransom for porn photos (yes, he actually did this). He wanted to be one of the legendary hackers with the hacking capability of LulzSec hackers, who performed feats that have changed the world.

So that's what happened. Topiary down with Sabu (although probably not in the doghouse like Sabu), leaving only one hacker left for the authorities to track down: Kayla. In the second-to-last chapter, will SHE survive the assault of the police? Or will she crumble and be brought down to her knees thanks to the Feds? Well, we'll find out in the next summary, but that's another chapter, another summary, another day. Hope you guys aren't too disappointed, given the closeness of our completion of the book. So anyway, goodbye people, and see you in the next post! Goodbye for now!

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