Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Are Anonymous Overall Summary Part Two

Hey guys, and welcome to another summary of We Are Anonymous. I've just completed Part 2/3 of the book, so why not go back a little and revise what has happened in the past chapters? So without further ado, here's an overall summary of what had happened in the chapters of part two of the book...

We learned about Anonymous's attack on the despicable Westboro Baptist Church ("God hates fags", remember?) . Still remember when Westboro attempted to trash-talk Anonymous into defeat? Well, that didn't really work out so well. Anonymous then decided to use the media (read: The David Pakman Show) against their enemies, and eventually, after defacing Westboro's website(s), managed to bring their opponent down and showed them as a disgrace to the public.

Then, after arousing some attention from the public, the members of Anonymous (namely Topiary) started to get invited to talk shows (where they talked only with their voice without their faces being shown for the sake of privacy). At the same time, we also discover that our ex-Anonymous pal (now turned Anonymous hater) Jennifer Emick is still hot on the trail of compromising the identities of the hackers and showing the world that Anonymous wasn't really anonymous if she could compromise the group's key leaders (if not the entire group) to the whole wide world.

Then the story (temporarily) switches to Emick's point of view. It shows her hard at work and apparently addicted to compromising the identities of her targets. Fortunately for her, the FBI was also on her side and they had formed some kind of alliance. And then we discover that Topiary is getting bored with the current Anonymous raids and decided to take it to the next level. Then, after a few tens of raids later, something VERY BIG happened.

A few chapters later, we discover that Sabu's reign as a hacker (well, an Anonymous hacker at least) has come to a potential end. He got arrested by the po-po for a few crimes sufficient enough to get him in the doghouse for at least several years. However, despite the loss of Sabu to the team, the hackers trudged on and contiued their hacking spree.

Oh yeah, and by the way, did I mention LulzSec? How stupid of me. As you may have remembered, the feds eventually caught up to the Anons with the assistance of the vengeful Jennifer Emick. Now Anonymous was in chaos and at least a few hundred suspects related to Anonymous are now in the big house. Fortunately, there were a few Anons who decided to let go of the hacking group and start a team of their own.

These people were the "main characters" of the book; Topiary, Sabu and Kayla. They had a hunch that something bad was about to go down in Anonymous, prompting them to go take cover while all the ruckus blows over. While doing so, they created LulzSec, a small team that, in the chapters that followed, had proved itself beyond question. It took down massive websites and companies, and all it took was the hacking skills of six people (at least until Sabu got arrested). They also made an alliance with Julian Assange (that also meant that WikiLeaks was also on their side).

However, all good things must eventually come to an end. The authorities eventually tracked down LulzSec and shut it down for good (or actually, come to think of it, shut it down for bad). And that was the end of the infamous LulzSec: the notorious hacking group eventually came to an end by their famed hunters: the FBI and the cops eventually caught up to the hackers and that was that. The fate of LulzSec's HACKERS, though, is still indefinite.

Well, that's a summary of what happened so far in part two. I will begin part 3 in just a few days, and it's a kind of epilogue to what has happened lately. Until then, you'll have to wait. Goodbye for now!

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