Monday, September 2, 2013

True Martyrdom (Part 2)

So here comes the awaited sequel of True Martyrdom. Before we start, let me tell you readers something: If you've read the first part of True Martyrdom, do continue reading on. For those of you who haven't read the first part of this thing, it is strongly advised for you to read the first part of this religious saga. So anyway, let's cut straight to the chase.

Easily the greatest level of loyalty humanity can show to the God Almighty, very few people can manage topull this off. Only people chosen by God, who have shown true loyalty to Him, are able to actually make this come true. Before we start the list of angel-raffed, lightning-touched, holy followers, Let's start with a small warning:
Disclaimer: I am not responsible to any damaged caused by these following acts. People who have done the following acts have died, received heavy humiliation and are disgraces to the public at their time. Try what these people did at your own risk.

I sincerely apologize if plain ol' "David" wasn't specific enough a name for you. Well, let me explain now. David was one of the kings of Israel, and he was a true follower of the Lord. Why? Well, there are MILLIONS of reasons that indicated he was a true disciple of the Lord. Here are the reasons why:
-Ever read the story of "David and Goliath"? It's a very famous story even to those people of other religions other than Christianity. In this story, David kills a collosal giant named Goliath with a sling that held a rock. You could say that it was a one-hit-kill (one hit kill, headshot, call it whatever you want). Afterward, David beheaded Goliath with his own sword (mind you, GOLIATH's own sword, not David's, that is). He was mighty famous because Goliath was known for his outstanding skill and durability in battle. This is just one example of his faithful acts. There are many more glorious stories of him, but let's stop here, or I won't be able to finish the post.

Now, readers, instead of making the same old mistake with a typical "Jesus" (Had I not been more specific about "Jesus Christ" and named him plain, drab "Jesus", you might think that "Jesus" is a guy that lives in Brazil or some black guy (no racism meant). Anyway, read on), I named this (literal) manifestation of God "Jesus Christ". Now you obviously know what "Jesus" I'm talking about (and if you read many of my previous posts, they revolve around Jesus Christ as well). You know, as in "died on the cross" Jesus? Jesus as in "fed a hundred people" Jesus? You're definitely familiar, right? He is the ultimate symbol of God. He suffered massive amounts of pain in the sake of forgiving us humans. He died on the cross for us. Let me give you an awesome fact about Jesus: (here comes the confusing bit) He is actually a normal human being either:
a. "Possessed" by God and sent down to Earth via Mother Mary (Jesus's mother) and grown up to be the most holy man in the world, if not the universe.
b. Just an extremely God-devoted man who was chosen by God to lead mankind.
(just an FYI, I choose B)
Don't say being the most holy man on the face of the Earth is as easy as snapping your fingers. You must resist inhuman temptation, go to extreme pain, and in scientific terms, do anything that God defines is right. Just in case you were wondering, he could've evaded getting beaten into worm food on the cross, but he didn't. He valued our lives over his. He knew he was going to great torture, but he chose to do the greater good. If he didn't die on the cross, People wouldn't be welcomed in heaven. So who could possibly be the ultimate beacon of light who could lead us in this world full of evil?

So that brings me to the end of my True Martyrdom series. Hopefully this will be a helpful guide to the world's most holy people or something.
A snapshot of Jesus on the cross.

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