Sunday, September 15, 2013

One Step Ahead

The world is like Facebook. Everyday people constantly update it and every single second it always becomes newer and newer. And just like Facebook, if you don't catch up, you would get left behind. This is the typical life of the ordinary citizen. Now, you might wish that you were one of those life-changing people who actually helped make life even easier than it was before. But being an inventor who makes life-changing newfangled contraptions isn't going to be as easy as snapping your fingers. Life as an inventor means competition, rivalry, and other unlimited terrors. But if you pull it off successfully, the rewards are going to be tremendous.

If you were an inventor, once you have a brainwave about a potential human-helping device, you've got to start to work on your new creation ASAP. Instantly hammer, drill and craft it into perfection. Why, you might be wondering, if you're an inventor, you have to workon your new invention so quickly? Well, I'll tell you why. That's because if you take it slow, sooner or later your invention is bound to be unknowingly created by someone else, and if they manage to patent it and send the bill to engineering and stuff like that, they'll get credit for the invention you were actually working on. They will get invited to parties and stuff like that just because they created that invention before you. You will be completely forgotten because you didn't show it to the public before the other guy did. All your hard work will be flushed down the toilet just because he made it public before you. Geddit, right?

There are famous examples of inventors who made the same invention at the same time. Take Alexander Graham Bell, for example. Another guy named Elisha Gray coincidentally invented the telephone roughly at the same time in different places. To top it all off, their telephones were also made of exactly the same materials! Spooky, eh? Well anyway, we all know that Bell invented the telephone, but that's because he just sent the patent to engineering before Gray did and the failed scientist's efforts were forgotten. Science can be horribly cruel sometimes.

You also can't be famous for being the guy who discovered HOW an invention could be made. For example, We all know that Edison invented the lightbulb, right? Well, history may be correct, but not entirely. Many people back then did DISCOVER that light COULD be made in the form of some kind of a lightbulb, but they didn't MAKE the actual light bulb. They just remained as another common-or garden human on the planet. Edison managed to actually CREATE the lightbulb, and he became world famous. So you can't get famous for developing an idea for an invention.

So if you're a keen inventor trying to help the world, please read this. This post will help teach you a thing or two about new invention. Anyway, thanks for reading. Jason out!

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