Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bad Jobs: Stealth Soldier

Hello once again readers. I decided to continue the epic saga of Bad Jobs. It's mainly because that I'm worried that if when some youngster decided to pick a job, he'd choose a cool career that he say is "cool", but unbeknownst to him will endanger his life. Now I've made these posts of Bad Jobs to stop that very "accident" from happening. I'm trying to make a innocent soul know how deadly this "cool" job is so he'll know the risks of doing it instead of walking into his job blind. Now in this post I've decided to explain about a job that requires great skill in hand-to-hand combat, silence, and the ability not to crack under pressure. This deadly job is that of a stealth soldier (note that I didn't simply just say "spy". Well, that's because a spy's job isn't half as deadly as the stealth soldier. Here's a small comparison:
-Mission: Eavesdrop on the enemy to gather valuable intel so the spy's country will know what they're up against.
-Mission: Silently traverse enemy headquarters, trying to stay undetected. Get spotted, get killed.
Need I say more?)

Fortunately being a stealth soldier isn't half as deadly as being part of the infantry for your country (for further references, check out my first post on Bad Jobs: It tells you of the dangers of being in the infantry). One, you probably won't survive a few minutes out in the battlefield as a common-or-garden private soldier, whereas you have more chance of surviving as a stealth soldier in a big room where the enemy security are struggling to search for you. Two, it's much more... hmmm... How should I put it? Let's say "fun". Why? Here: If you are part of the infantry (unless you're a war veteran or something like that), you're just another easily dispatched barrier to the enemy. As a stealth soldier, you can strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, who are absolutely terrified at the fact of some guy pouncing on them and strangling them to death.

But being a part of the stealth army isn't all it's cracked up to be. You also have an equal chance of getting spotted by the enemy and gunned down instantly. Or even worse, they'll process you of the information you know about your country's confidential secrets. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot: Then they'll kill you. That's why you've got to have nerves of steel and guts of titanium. But all in all, it's better than being just another tiny speck in the army's footmen. For more tips for surviving as a stealth soldier, Check out Jason's Guide to Surviving Your Job: Stealth Soldier, which is just around the corner.
OK, It may not really be like this, but you get the idea, right?

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