Sunday, September 1, 2013

True Martyrdom (Part 1)

Hey guys, and welcome back to Jason's blog. To those of you who are wondering how far some people would go to defend God's name, you have come to the right post. Why? Well, this post tells you about the levels of faith in the Almighty God some people will go to. Just in case you were wondering, I got the idea for this post after today's church ceremony, where this time the priest tells about some people's loyalty to the Lord. So here we go...

The priest explained that in this world there are three levels of "goodness" that defend God's name. Here they are:
All of us humans do good deeds from time to time. For example we'd help a guy with his/her groceries, help an elderly citizen cross a busy road, help another person with his homework, etc. Act I are just the common-or-garden good actions that are done every day by you and me. Obviously these aren't so hard to do, but they do shape up the majority of the good deeds we do from day to day, and is by far the easiest way to receive a one-way ticket to heaven. Sure, these may help give a good, clean visage on the Him, but it's not really as big a religious act compared to...

Requires a bit more guts to do than Act I, but it'll count more when you get to the afterlife. If you're feeling a bit brave, you might as well step out of your comfort zone and do some even crazier, gut-full acts. For example, if you're a timid and cowardly person (no offense if you are), you could try standing up to the school bully (who always punches your face in unless you give him something ranging from a few bucks to all your school lunch money), even if you might end up with a "few" bruises. After all, God would agree it was the right thing to do (don't do this unless you're feeling very brave or very stupid. After all, this isn't as easy as it sounds). Or, if you're the kind of guy who doesn't really like to smile or have some fun, you could actually TRY to cheer up a bit, therefore encouraging your other gloomy pals to be a wee bit more positive. Or, if you don't really mind about passing out in front of hundreds of people (this is for all you readers out there, as most of you people might all have this same fear), you could take up public speaking. The possibilities are limitless and they count more than those (seemingly) insignificant deeds mentioned in the first act (although they are also harder to do). God will appreciate your new, positive habits that makes you step out of the warm shelter of your old, boring habits.

I'm sorry if I caused you readers any inconvenience, but for the dramatic effect, Act 3 will be continued on another post. I want you to wait until the WAITED MOMENT COMES! (that is, tomorrow) It will tell about stories of holy people such as priests, prophets and other holy ambassadors of heaven who went into unspeakably insane acts for the sake of their God!

Okay, enough of the spoilers. See you in the next post. Peace out!
A crucifix (a miniature model of the cross Jesus was nailed on)

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