Monday, September 16, 2013


Many of you must be wondering if God is truly the ultimate leader, the sheep's shepherd, who forgives whatever His sheep does. Some people out there, I just know it, just don't seem to 100% believe in this theory. Well if you're this kind of guy, I highly recommend you to read this post. If you're not this kind of guy, it's still a good post to read nevertheless. So here's a story of how much God cares for us (before you read this story, here is the "cast": God is the father, and we are the father's foolish son. Enjoy the story)

Once upon a time, there was a rich father who had two sons. One day the younger brother asked for his share of his father's inheritance (for those younger readers out there, inheritance is the items your parents will give you after their passings, and whatever you do, do not ask for your share of your parents' will until the time has actually come, unlike the reckless little kid in this story). Amazingly, the father granted his son's unbelievable wish.

So after receiving his money and valuables from his father, the young son bade goodbye to his father and moved into the city (he previously lived in some kind of suburb). He squandered all his cash on wild parties, (probably) eating in fancy and insanely expensive restaurants, and in scientific terms, living the wild and extremely comfortable. But eventually after all his insane shopping spree, he went bankrupt.

Now here's some additional information to help you understand the story even better: when the young son ran out of money, he also ran out of friends. After all, back at that time, (and maybe today it still goes on today) there is an important rule in having friends: You must be RICH. Back at Jesus's era, as long as you were a rich person, loads of people will want to be your friend. Why? Well, people are much more primitive that time (no offense if this hurts anybody) and this is their concept of friends: "A good friend is a rich person. A rich guy can invite you to wild parties, afford you expensive gifts, etc, etc. If the guy's not rich, don't befriend him. He can't afford you anything."

And that was precisely was happened to the poor, unfortunate kid. Once all his cash went down the money drain, all his friends dumped him. Since they knew he could not afford expensive dinners anymore, they abandoned him right when he needed them most. Some friends these guys are. Anyway, the son tried to find a job in the city. But unluckily for the kid, he couldn't find a decent job and ended up as a pig-watcher. He had such low wages that he sometimes had to resort to devouring pig food in order to temporarily contain his hunger.

Eventually he got sick of being such an unfortunate citizen. He eventually returned to his father's house, where he planned to say, "Dad, I have squandered all my inheritance on unnecessary stuff and totally disgraced you. For that, don't take me as your son anymore. Just allow me to be one of your servants.". Then at least he would get decent pay and have a life.

But when he got home, his dad didn't get mad at him: instead he forgave the son for his recklessness and threw a party for his son's return, for "My son has been lost and found: he was dead and brought back to life!".

So there. If God is the father, that means he will always give us a second chance no matter what. But that doesn't mean you can push him far. That's it for this post. See you til' the next update!

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