Sunday, December 8, 2013

Why Time Travel Should Never Exist

Going back in time is a luxury that we have always dreamed of. We could change the course of history, find out what's going to happen in the future, and many other cool stuff. But scientists have not yet discovered a possible way to make time travel possible (Oh yeah, remember about that "time travel machine" (read The Evolution of Weaponry)? That thing was actually an advanced simulation device that made 3D "holograms" that was basically just a more interesting way to learn about known history. I really should demand a refund), and I bet it's going to stay that way FOREVER (anyway, if you were wondering why, it's because that if time travel WAS possible, then right now we'd be seeing people from different ages messing up our history, wouldn't we have?), and you know what? I really hope it stays that way. Why? Well, grab your popcorn and a soft drink, 'Cause we're about to FIND OUT!

If time travel did exist, then we'd abuse it and (unknowingly) instantly plunge the universe into its doom. To make things clearer, here's a little fictional story about what would happen if we actually managed to turn back the tides of time and explore the pages of history:
Once upon a time on the planet Earth, There lived a scientist who discovered the way to create a time machine. The glorious guy instantly showed his marvellous invention to the world, but because of its dangerous capabilities, it was used by the authorities only because they knew what chaos it was capable of wreaking if it fell into the hands of a person who didn't know how powerful this time-bending device was.

Eventually the scientist (who was now quite famous) was still unsatisfied that his time machine wasn't so popular because it couldn't be used as an appliance that could be used by everyone. He wanted to be known as the guy who made time travel possible. Finally his greed of fame (and money) overpowered him and he blurted out the method of how to craft the almighty time machine (without any forethought of how dangerous it was if it fell into the wrong hands). Soon the time machine was no longer an authority-only used device: It was now quite common, and can be seen in a lot of houses.

People used the awesome time machine to travel back in time and stuff, but the nuke hit the ground when eventually, they had changed so much things in history that the world has totally changed. They interfered the cavemen, wreaked chaos in a gladiator pit, and many other countless changes in history that I don't need to mention (the point is, they changed history so much). In the modern day, the world that they know has been plunged into total anarchy because of all the events in history that have been jumbled up thanks to the carelessness of the time travelers. Earth is led into total chaos and darkness, triggering the apocalypse.

But if there is still some sensible people in this world that knows what chaos time travel can trigger in the wrong hands, chances are that they will try to stop this madness from happening. For example a man named James foresaw the future and noticed that if no action was taken about time travel abuse, the world would soon plunge into an apocalypse. So he decides to do the only thing that will stop the end of the world is to kill the time machine's inventor before he had the chance to create the time machine. To make a long story short, James succeeds in assassinating the insane inventor, in the process erasing everyone's memory of the time machine's invention (remember, if the time machine's creation was prevented, how could they still have all that memories of using the time machine?) including him. All is well with the world.

So there you have it: the risks of time travel. Take it from me, if anyone ever invents the time machine, we'll be doomed the microsecond it sets foot onto the Earth. Heed the post and realize the dangers of it. Face it: time travel's just too risky to handle, even for the most careful person on Earth. Because no matter what action is taken to prevent unfortunate mishaps, a stupid mistake is just behind the corner, waiting to end the world with the help of time travel.

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