Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Just a Matter of Perspective

Throughout the existence of the human race, people have always been quarreling about the true definition of good and evil. Rebels and governments, outlaws and law-keepers and so on. People understand the main concept like this: The rulers (basically the government, policemen and people like that) are the good guys while the outlaws are the bad guys.

But the decision of which side is evil and which side isn't is all just a matter of perspective. Pretend that there was a city that was ran by a government that was currently fighting a rebellious gang of outlaws. If we examine a little closer, we might actually be confused of which one is bad and which one is evil. Here's a comparison:

The rebels are fighting against the law because they have witnessed how the government runs the city. They say that the rulers of the city have been a harsh, cruel government and that their belief in true justice is in the fact that the citizens of said city should have their (assumingly) cruel rulers overthrown and replaced with a "looser" government that had a less strict definition of justice: significantly more freedom, not such a rule-riddled city with peacekeepers guarding every few kilometres of the place.

The government believes that the rebels are misguided thinkers that want to wreak chaos among the city. The government's definition of justice is a strict, ruled city where any lawbreaker caught crossing the line would be punished. To them, this will keep the city in its current, peaceful position with no complainers and such. To them, the rebels are trying to overthrow the government in order to plunge the city into chaos, where the rules were loosened and the people had a chance to show how their freedom by plunging the city into anarchy or something.

The "perspective" thing also applies to our normal lives, when we have to choose which side is the one that will lead us to the right way and not the wrong one. For example, Zack, who's an expert in school, gets lots of good grades and stuff, has the choice to decide whether or not to "help" (tell the answers) his friend Jim in his homework. Both choices are right and wrong in some way. Observe and find out which is the right way.

If Zack tells Jim the answers to the homework, he will be helping Jim in the homework and prevent the teacher from getting him screwed
CONCLUSION:Jim will thank Zack for saving his life and Zack will have helped his friend, thus tightening their friendship. However, Zack's help will trigger Jim to develop an unhealthy dependence on Zack, thus making Jim a lazy little brat who will no longer know what to do should there be a situation where Zack won't be there another time to save his butt.

If Zack refuses to tell Jim the answers, Jim will either think:
a) "Ah, never mind. Zack is a disciplined guy anyway, so it's understandable that he's doing the right thing. I shouldn't run to anybody for answers when I have a problem anyway." In this case Jim will possibly get screwed, but at least he knows that he can't run to smart people and leech answers of them to save their butts.
b)"I can't believe that smarty-pants Zack wouldn't help a friend in need. Although he is a disciplined guy who's the teacher's pet, what he really is is a boy who thinks he's so smart and will let other people sink while he swims to safety." In which Jim will hate Zack and (probably) not consider him a friend anymore, in which case Zack should tell Jim that he's just doing what is right (although this probably wouldn't work) and that he can help Jim in his studies, but not tell him the answers, in which case Jim won't learn anything.

So there you have it: Evil is just how you look at it; you need to have some forethought before deciding which one is actually the wolf in sheep's clothing and which one is sheep in wolf's clothing. Hopefully this post will help you before just and fair because out there, there are so many wolves are in sheep's clothing (and vice versa) and we must know which one is the sheep and which one is the wolf.

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