Monday, December 16, 2013


These days there are so many devices that help our life. It makes our everyday activities much easier, makes us hardly have to move, and does a whole lot of other good things to us. But some people can use these devices for evil. To illustrate my point, let's get straight to it...

These extremely useful, massive floating mechanisms are used to navigate our way through GPS, talk to a friend via telephone, watch TV, and God knows how else it can be used. But people can think up  monstrous ways to use these contraptions: Launching warheads, broadcasting military messages and many more rogue functions. It has mostly been used as an instrument of war instead of an item to help with our everyday activities. Now let's see, what other innocent item has been turned into a machine of war? Oh yeah...

Yes, believe it or not, poisons wouldn't be the deadly agent that is used to knock off people if people didn't use it to spike their enemies with it. Some poisons were actually essential parts of life. Arsenic is used in making computers, phosphorus is in our bones, and many other poisons have been used in essential things in our daily lives.

Until some mischievous dude decided to find out what happened if he gobbled up some antimony (alright, maybe not exactly antimony, but a poison) and died in agony. Then ruthless killers started going, "I've heard that a guy down the street swallowed some antimony and died! Let's use this as our new weapon; the 'POISON'!"

Ever since then killers all over the world started bumping each other off with different deadly substances and now we know poisons as the deadly toxin used mostly fo murder.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back with part 2 soon. For now, goodbye readers!

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