Friday, December 6, 2013

Is Simplicity Bliss?

Humans have always wanted their lives to be much easier, way more comfortable. That's the reason they invented cars, computers, and millions of other life-easing inventions. But while we sit back and wait until they make life as easy as cake, let's enjoy how hard life is (I know this sounds a little insane, but hear me first before you make any comments, OK?

Everyday we keep on moaning on why life is so hard: Why we have to do so much painstakingly difficult work in order to achieve our rights. But (amazingly) we might find some beauty in this. How? Well, let's take a look at the small test case here:
-Jim is a hardworking office worker who is just another cell or nerve in a whole body of the company he works for. He has to work extremely hard in order to get paid a decent paycheck in order to life a decent life that he can at least live through. Everyday he praises his minuscule job as a typical, common worker. He thanks God for giving him the small amount of money that he uses to construct his life with. His low-earning job has got him praising it even though it is so insignificant. But let's turn the story around: Say Jim doesn't have to work so hard for his money; he only needs to sit around and wait for that money to roll in (literally) without doing anything. Here's what'd happen:

Now Jim (with his money pouring in without him having to do anything) will no longer praise that small amount of money that has led him to a decent life. Now that his money and his life is handled (let's just say he doesn't have to work so hard now; his life has become simple), instead of prospering and being grateful, Jim will now continue to more "advanced" goals. Now that his life and his money is handled, he wants EVEN MORE simplicity. He doesn't appreciate the fact that his money problem is handled, he now looks forward to making his life easier (despite the fact that he's already got everything he needed). When his goal for making an even simpler life is achieved, he will keep on trying to make his unnecessarily easy life as pampered as possible. This will go on and on until his death.

So if you're wishing for a more sophisticated and simpler life, heed this: simplicity, in too large "doses", can make us lazy. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, but just in case your car get's broken and you have to walk home or you have to stay back in school to catch up on some work, cheer up because at least doing this will make reaching home a much more satisfying reward. After all, the painstaking difficulty of getting a reward is what makes that reward so valuable, isn't it?

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