Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Misuse part 2

Hey guys, and we're BACK! Today we shall continue the list of misused devices used for destroying instead of helping humanity. Enough talking, let's cut to the chase!

One of the most obvious examples; used in medical business, hand sanitizers and many other human-saving devices. Also used to make beer, wine and many other alcoholic drinks. Humans have used alcohol to help save and end (or terribly screw up) lives. Sometimes used to instantly cure a wound or sometimes used to knock people out when added to a tissue. In drinks, it has the ability to make you go drunk and screw up your daily life. Oh yeah, and worst of all, it could also be used as quite an effective alternative to gasoline when it comes to setting stuff alight and is also almost as flammable (in fact, maybe even better). Of course! That previous statement about gasoline just gave me an idea for the next item...

Honestly, this may be the most useful at the same time most havoc-wreaking item on the list so far. Think about it: fuel has been used to power our vehicles, our homes and many other everyday mechanisms. Without it, life would be so much harder. But with this priceless luxury also comes a darker side; it is also used to power countless war machines. Missiles need fuel to launch itself into the air. Tanks need this vital component to move their colossal "wheels" and factories need it to manufacture firearms and other weapons for countries at war. All this talk about weapons remind me of the next item on our list...

These items include electric guitars, baseball bats and power tools. In short, things that aren't meant to be used as weapons but sure are lethal enough to be. You know what? Scratch that statement about fuels that fuels were the most deadly misused weapon. "Disguised" weapons are the most lethal. There are countless tools out there that could be used to actually maim or even kill. See that nail gun over there? That would be a good alternative to a pistol. That guitarist over there can clock a crazed hooligan with his electric guitar in a single bash. And I won't even have to tell you what that lumberjack with the chainsaw could do to you if you tried to assault him.

Well, that should be it for this post. Hopefully this will give you a good idea of how abusive people can be. Until the next post! Bye for now!

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