Monday, October 12, 2015

Creating a Villain Part 2

Right, so here we are, back again at the same place that we left off. So where we left off, I was talking about my main motive as a supervillain (for some reason, when I try to remember my villainous self, the villain that comes to mind is this pacifist pirate by the name of Stede Bonnet. Search him up, you'll see why). Now in this post, we'll focus on the more intricate details, such as my lair, my equipment, etc. So here we go...

First of all, every supervillain will need a lair. For me, the best type of lair isn't some Batcave-esque base of operations which is hidden somewhere secret. Not only is that inconvenient for a guy like me (remember, I'm one lazy dude), but it is a bit too "mainstream" for someone like me. If you ask me, my perfect idea of a lair is my house.

Now before you ask, I don't want my house to be some kind of secluded area chock-full of equipment designed for all your villainous purposes (OK, maybe a few stashes of the latest non-lethal heisting equipment hidden in secret compartments scattered around the house, but nothing too serious, say unlike an entire complex of henchmen in the basement below the house). This is also due to the fact that I want to make sure that when the authorities search my house, it won't be as hard for them to bust me for solicitation of masterminding some serious felony (which is gonna be kinda hard to explain if I have an entire basement of battle-dressed loogies hiding in a complex under the house).

As for my troops, the skill of my soldiers will really depend on the difficulty of the heist we're pulling off. Warehouse raids, bank heists, armored transport hits and other robberies of the sort should be manageable by a well-led gang of gun-wielding workers (think of something like the Payday gang, but replace the four heisters with an entire squadron of burglars. The reason for this is that the Payday gang consists of four badasses who can hold their own against a never-ending wave of police, whereas I might not be able to find four men with the same power in my actual cult of followers. And even if I DID find four badasses that can hold off the po-po by themselves, I still have to make sure they have an escort as extra insurance).

But for the more "advanced" robberies (think infiltrating military-protected facilities and anything involving government-protected places), I'm gonna have to call in some of the bigger guns. Maybe call in the guys in my team that have experience in dealing with the more "difficult" stuff, outfit them with better equipment (maybe an EMP, several tanks and battle aircraft, and several more pieces of sophisticated gear. Now I only need to teach the idiots HOW to use them). It might also get to the point where I might even employ the use of the supernatural (assuming such oddities exist in this reality by then), because you never know when some no-good superheroes will try and thwart my awesome get-rich-quick scheme.

So there, my friends. That is probably the type of supervillain I'm gonna be in another reality where I'm a scheming lawbreaker who will resort to robberies in order to fuel his extravagant lifestyle. I'll probably be doing more posts regarding this topic, so until the next post. See ya later!

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