Saturday, January 9, 2016

Everybody Wants To Rule the World (Part 1)

Wow, it has been a LONG time ever since my last blog post, hasn't it? Well, sorry for the delay, but that was mostly due to the countless disturbances and debates on whether or not this "blogging habit" was necessary to maintain my "Internet stability". Or simply put, I was avoiding creation of this blog due to the fact that I could be more entertained doing other, more entertaining things in my life (yeeeeah, sorry guys. Truth be told,, the main reason I haven't been posting recently was due to the fact that I was busy binge-watching Fallout 4 gameplay. Sometimes a guy can't help watching an estranged survivor trudge the post-apocalyptic wastes of Boston, OK?).

So, after a chain reaction of events that probably don't bother mentioning, I decided to take up blogging once again (for exactly how long, I haven't actually decided yet). I know it's been a long time and I'm not exactly going to be as "skilled" as I was before when it comes to the blogging type of stuff, but I'll promise you this: I'll sure as hell try to become the good ol' blogger that you guys saw me become just a few months ago. Or just a mere shadow of that guy, at least, if that's any consolation.

So just a few weeks ago, my dad and I had been discussing the pros and cons of a ruling system when applied to a country. If we were to establish an entirely new country, what would be the preferred ruling system that we use? A few minutes into our conversation, we narrowed the potential ruling systems down to two options: Capitalism and communism (we were about to apply a bit of "monarchy" and "feudalism" in there, but we decided just to keep things simple for the time being).

Here are the basics of the debate: Capitalism is basically another word for "survival of the fittest". The reason I say this is mainly due to the fact that capitalism can be viewed as a "measure" of your economical toughness and shows your "rank" in the social ladder. The more hardworking/lucky/skilled you are (economics-wise, of course), the higher your position in the hierarchy. So if you find some rich dude passing by on the street in a capitalist country, chances are that he's a diligent individual who's worked his ass off to get this high in this cruel, unforgiving world.

The downsides of capitalism, on the other hand... Damn, there are quite a lot when you think about it (doesn't mean that capitalism is more flawed than OTHER systems, though. Every ruling system has its ups and downs. After all, you know what they say: "You can't nuke a city without innocent people being caught in the blast" (hold on a minute, IS that what they say? No? It was a different metaphor? Ah well, another new metaphor for the world to use. Don't forget to give me credit if you ever intend to use that one, yeah?). Where do we start?

Let's start with the gap between the social standing between the rich and the poor. In capitalism, the rich get to afford more, so due to an extreme consumption of goods by the rich, the poor gets the crappy side of the economical seesaw, with the rich being on the higher side of said seesaw, and the poor being on the lower. In simpler terms, capitalism isn't exactly the most merciful of ruling systems. One easy way to remember it is this: Man up (or if you're a woman, "woman up", I guess?) or give up.

I could spend the rest of the post discussing about whatever the hell I would like to discuss next, but I think that should be all for today. If the opportunity ever comes up, I'll probably do another one of these posts again. But that'll be another day. For now, see ya!

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