Saturday, October 10, 2015

Creating a Villain

Every now and then, I think, "in a world where I was a supervillain, what type would I be?". It's kind of a weird question that everyone may think about every once in a while. So what kind of supervillain will I be? Well, I can sure as hell say that in another reality, the miscreant I'll become will be a rather unique one, if not strange (I think "strange" is more fitting). So, let's just get into it...

Every supervillain has a reason for becoming a supervillain. It might be because he wants to be noticed by the world (in fact, many villains' greatest fear is that the world will forget them when they die), or maybe because of his immense greed. Other villains are just total psychopaths who want nothing more than to go on a nonstop killing spree, and others become evil because they want to brainwash others into believing in said villain's ideologies (these types of villains normally lead a cult who all believe in what their leader does).

In my opinion, in order to create the perfect supervillain out of a regular, rational human being, we must first find this person's fatal flaw (wow, this post got morbid real fast). Is this person lazy? Is he greedy? Is he prideful? Does he want others to believe in what he/she does? Or is he just pissed off at the world and show it who's boss? In my case, my fatal flaw is laziness. I try to do as least work as possible and try to reap the benefits from already-existing opportunities.

So now that we know my fatal flaw, let's imagine a world, another reality where this flaw is exaggerated to the point where it becomes my life meaning (have any of you ever searched up "types of good and evil"? on your browser? You might wanna search it up now to get a better idea of what I'm about to tell you). So now, in this new reality where Jason (no, not the Jason that is immortal, wields a machete and constantly kills off teenagers. Although it'd be nice if I was that kind of villain, not gonna lie) is an evildoer who wants $#!+ to be done with as little effort as possible.

In the alignment system (refer to the search results of "types of good and evil" you just opened up a paragraph ago), I would probably fit into the "neutral" or "lawful" evil type. "But Jason," I hear you say. "How are you not sure what TYPE of "evil" you are?". Well, dear reader, I'll leave it up to you to decide which type of "evil" I am, because to be perfectly honest with you right now, I'm quite confused.

The reason I'm confused about what type of villain I am is because unlike many evildoers, if there's a code of ethic that I will follow as a supervillain, it will be (wait for it... wait for it...) to still remain a follower of God while I do so. *audience bursts into uncontrollable laughter*

Yes, yes, I know that it sounds crazy, but I will not commit any mortal sins as a supervillain ("mortal sins", for those of you who don't know, are sins that COMPLETELY break your bond with God. Just search it up on the Internet if you're curious). In summary, that means I'll still stay a follower of God, but with ONE exception (I mean, how else would you stay a supervillain?):
  1. As a supervillain, I'll participate in heists, raids, and other operations that involve stealing. So this means I'll probably focus on being a major underworld figure for being the mastermind behind various bank heists, convoy assaults, warehouse raids, etc.
My main goal as a supervillain is to live a luxurious life, and I'll resort to any means in order to become one of the richest dudes (of course, with the exception of not committing any mortal sins with the exception of anything related to stealing) in the city's underbelly.

We'll talk more about this in the next post. Until then, See ya!

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