Monday, June 16, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 26

Hey guys, and to start this post, I owe you a big apology. Many of you may have noticed that my blog is incomplete of all the We Are Anonymous summaries. When I looked back, I also realized that I FORGOT TO WRITE CHAPTER 26! I wanted to write it, but with all this swimming blog stuff going on, I haven't managed to find time to do it. So without further ado, here's the missing chapter, in which we find out what happened to Hector "Sabu" Monsegur.

It may surprise you that for a man who has been crying out lous for being above the law and hating the Po-po, it took a surprisingly short time for Sabu to decide to join the FBI in their hunt for hackers. As a matter of fact, Sabu began working with the cops on their hunt for hackers literally since the day he got arrested. He spent nights assisting the government build cases against co-conspirators. He even willfully admitted to the authorities that he participated in the heated assaults on the government with relative ease.

Since the day Sabu decided to join forces with the Feds, they were sure to keep a good eye on him. they implanted a key-logging software on his computer that would track down every single word he typed and video surveillance in his home to see what he was up to while not working with the cops. Despite all these cops breathing down his neck, Sabu managed to cooperate well and get along with the authorities, giving them a big hand with their work against hacking.

Of course, Sabu became despised throughout the hacker community after they got news about his alliance with their all-time nemesises, the cops. A hacker known as "VIrus", whom Sabu worked with during his time in LulzSec, was taken aback by Sabu's change of sides. He accused Sabu of being a turncoat all along, even engaging in a hostile conversation with the hacker, stating that he was the one whoratted Topiary out. Of course, Sabu countered saying that he wasn't a rat and that he was doing something for the greater good. The chat continued for a few hours, full of heated accusations on each of the hackers.

However, Sabu will have a hard time convincing his ex-hacker pals that he was indeed fighting for a good cause. By working for the FBI, he supported an anti-hacker movement named Antisec. Antisec was a massive anti-hacker group dedicated to destroying hacker organizations such as Anonymous and LulzSec, the two teams Sabu had previously been on.

Fortunately, Sabu hadn't gone completely rogue and cop-like. He still had some hacker soul in him. Since his former nickname "Sabu" is now hated throughout the hacker community, he wanted to enter Anonymous as a new, fresh hacker. Where he could start a new, clean slate, avoiding arrest and harassment from the police (remember, he was doing all this right under the noses of the FBI). He changed his nickname to "Kage" or "Kaz" (the book isn't certain which one he used) and started a new life as a new, fresh hacker is the community.

So that should be it. Hopefully this is all of the We Are Anonymous summaries. I'll be back with more stuff for my blog. For now, goodbye!

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