Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog. Today I have a very rare treat for you: An "indie" post (that's my way of saying a post that is just made from my pure thoughts and not a book summary, swimming blog, you get the idea). In today's post, I'm going to talk about responsiblity. "Why, Jason?", I hear you say. "What in the name of hell made you come up with this topic for your blog?" Well, I'll tell you why.

Just this morning, I went to my 5:00 a.m. swimming practice as usual. But that morning I had a stomachache, God Knows Why. Anyway, since I was sick, I was in no condition to be swimming because I would be $#!++ing in the pool at the same time (OK, that was an exaggeration, but that just shows you how I was in no condition for swimming practice).

So my dad (who was bringing me to the pool at the time) decided to bring my brother to the pool alone while I stayed in the car and had a bit of rest. Meanwhile, my dad told me that he would be jogging around the nearby stadium until the swimming practice was over. He told me that I could take a bath at the pool with his soap and shampoo that he brought with him every work day (he too, like me, took a bath, brushed his teeth and did all those morning activities in the office).

"Wait a minute," I hear you say. "Why did your dad permit you to use his soap and shampoo in the first place? Wouldn't you have brought your own toiletries for taking a bath at the pool like the average guy would?" Well, the truth is that when we (and by that I mean my brother and I) take a bath in the pool, for some unknown reason, we never cared about bringing toiletries to the pool bathroom (I know that sounds a bit illogical, but read on and you'll find out why). This is our daily routine every morning we go to the pool for swimming practice, since it will help you understand the post a lot easier:

1. Finish swimming.
2. Go take a bath in the pool bathroom (PROTIP: how to take a bath Jason-style: in the bathroom, why bring your own soap, shampoo and other stuff when you can just borrow from your friends or complete strangers? Just ask them if you can borrow the toiletries and give them back once you're done with it! it's worked for my bro and I 95% of the time).
3. Once done bathing, head back to the bench near the pool. Take bath robe from your SWIMMING bag on the bench and wear it.
4. Wait for bro to come and pick up HIS bath robe (you can skip this step if in step 3 your bro has already picked up his bath robe before you). When he arrives, get to your car for transport to school.
5. In the car, eat your breakfast. Afterwards, take school uniform and clothes from the CLOTHES bag and change before you get to school (otherwise you'll get to the school still in your bathrobe, which is totally embarrassing considering that everyone else is wearing the school uniform except you. Trust me, I've been there before).
6. When you get to school (provided you followed step 5), hop off car, bag(s) in hand, ready to face the day ahead of you.

Pretty straightforward, right? Well, picture this: Everything went A-OK EXCEPT for the part that I wasn't swimming and at that time I got a bit forgetful. So there I was, chilling in my dad's car, thinking that when daylight came, I could go and take a bath in a secluded bathroom, filled with nobody but myself. Just the way I like it. When I finished bathing, I changed my clothes and brought back my dad's toiletries. Nothing wrong, right?

Well, here's the thing. I put the soap and shampoo IN MY SWIMMING BAG. I was supposed to return them to my dad, but apparently I had too much in my mind at the moment that I put it in the bag's side pocket (oh well, it could've been worse. For example, I could've lost it in the bathroom, got it run over by a car, accidentally drop it in the sewer grate, the possibilities are endless and much worse). I then continued my daily routine to school starting from step 5.

When I got home, my mom told me that my dad took a bath in the office using only the shower (and as you may realize from your own experiences, my dad couldn't just ask his employees for toiletries, he knows better than that. And by the way, he's too "formal" for that) and no soap or shampoo to help rinse his body totally dirt-free. Of course, I knew that this was my fault (although it did take me a while to realize that I misplaced the toiletries), and my mom then informed me that my dad (now, how to put this gently?) wasn't exactly pumped up about the idea that I accidentally misplaced his toiletries.

And that's how this post came to be. My dad ordered me to create a post about responsibilty regarding MY lack of responsibilty for today's actions. Enjoy this post while you can, because chances are that another post like this won't come out in a long time (remember, I have to attend to my swimming blog). Oh yeah, and by the way, following today's episode, I'm going to have to make a mental note that I should keep my distance with my dad. I should also become less forgetful so that this &^//$#!+ wouldn't happen in the first place. Until the next post guys! Goodbye for now!

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