Sunday, January 10, 2016

Everybody Wants To Rule the World (Part 2)

Welcome back, fellow readers. I know, it's kinda amazing that I didn't goof off for about a month before having to make another one of these posts, but here I am right now, ready to update you guys on another post about the "best ruling system" (although now, come to think of it, there is no such thing as "best ruling system", probably due to the fact that different countries operate differently, and one country might be ruled more effectively using one type of ruling system and not the other).

So, enough about me and my completely unscheduled blogging, well, schedule (#widevocabulary). Let's focus more on our topic today, or to be more precise, today we'll be discussing about communism. Let's shed a bit of light on what the hell communism is in the first place, eh? Before we begin using the rest of the post as an (amateur) discussion of the pros and cons of communism, the basics are that communism is a system that's supposed to favor everybody. Here, let me get into the more intricate details...

An ideal view of the "perfect" communist country is a one where everyone is treated equally. There was no classism, there was no such thing as "rich" or "poor" because everyone was subjected to equal rights, all around. If you owned a two-story house, then your neighbor too would own a two-story house. If you owned a minivan, so would everyone else. And if you went to school, guess who else also goes to school? (hint: it rhymes with "everyone else")

But of course, a communist country means the country is strictly ruled by the government, because now THEY'RE responsible for the state of the country. Unlike capitalism, in which the people have to climb the social ladder in order to achieve success, in communism the government is essentially becoming the country's babysitter. They must ensure that the city's inhabitants are getting their rights, and there is social equality.

And as usual, there are problems with this type of system. First there are issues with the government itself. In a communist country, since the government is pretty much supreme leader of the place, they have full control of the entire country's resources, so what if they DIDN'T take care proper care of the country? What if these government dudes only used their high position to pocket the resources and ignore the needs of the country? Remember, the government is the only one with the power over these resources, and if they decided to do whatever they wanted to do with them, then what can the people do?

I mean, I guess, they could revolt, but we're looking for the solution that doesn't involve mass murder and anarchy in the country. We're trying to opt for the most peaceful possible solution over here. And as far as I can see, a revolution is probably not the most peaceful solution we can offer here. However, there is a slight comfort to be found in this potentially unjust system, and it's that other than the (near) guarantee of the existence of a pissed off band of merry revolutionists ready to combat any unjust politicians, there is also the fact that... Actually, you know what? Never mind. For now, the only threat that's keeping corrupt politicians away from uncovering their true motives are the predictions of a bloody revolution taking place.

Next post, we'll be comparing the ups and downs of communism and capitalism and in a few days' (maybe weeks) time, try to come up with a conclusion. Until then, I guess it's goodbye once again. Thank you and see ya around!

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