Monday, June 24, 2013

A few days ago, I went to a bookstore to buy a novel (usually, I'd buy something a bit more... well, entertaining, but unfortunately my mom said me and my brother should do some "quality reading", so we didn't have much of a choice). My brother bought a bestselling novel called Ender's Game (which, by the way, is being turned into a major motion picture soon), while I had quite a big problem choosing the books (I mean, book) I was going to buy. If I didn't have to choose a novel, I would've instantly took by far my favorite book of all. (that is, The Guiness Book of World Records: Gamer's Edition 2013. After all, I am a great fan of video games, it's in my blood, which is the main reason my parents are currently discouraging me to play these awesome activities) But since today's bookstore buy is restricted to big novels, I decided to buy this good-looking book called "Mess" by a "Keri Smith". Looked like a good book, so I bought it. Turns out it was a kind of an activity book. Whenever I flipped open a random page, It'd say something like:

-Mess up the cover of this book.
Or maybe...
1. Bury this book.
2.After three days, dig it up.

But it was too late to get the book back to the bookstore (well, not really because it was too late, just because it won't really make sense asking my mom to get back to the store to ask for a refund, but I don't know....Might be a bit insane. My mom would say, "You went all this way deciding your book and now you want ANOTHER BOOK?" This is just a hunch of what she's going to say, but anyways, let's move on), so I spent a trip to the bookstore (which only comes once in a few months) on a book I didn't really plan to buy. If my mom just let me buy the books I wanted, maybe that trip to the bookstore wouldn't be a complete waste after all. (fortunately, it wasn't a total waste, after all. I look forward to reading my brother's Ender's Game. Looks like a good book)

So people out there: Remember that next time you do a kind of shopping that only comes around once every few months, make sure you get your money's worth. Remember!

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  1. Good start JAson. It funny you have your own way to protest :p.