Sunday, September 6, 2015

Euphoria (Part 2)

Well, it's been a while since the last post. Fortunately for you guys, I think I still have in my mind the content I was about to share with you guys. You remember the last post? About how somebody can actually change the way they think so even if they end up with a boring, crappy office job and a rented apartment room that they call "home", they can still be happier than some people who live in massive mansions in the city, with the wealthiest gadgets and whatnot (for those of you wealthy people who are reading this out there, do know that I'm not judging, but I'm trying to merely make a point. But hey, feel free to hate if you want, it's not like I can stop it).

So last we left off, I told you guys about an Animus, which is pretty much a virtual-reality experience that acts as both a video game and a tool for learning history (just check the Assassin's Creed database. Sorry you're gonna have to search the query and do all that searching $#!+ yourself, I'm still a bit traumatized about what happened recently in my blog regarding these weird notifications that have been popping up in my blog lately). This is probably the best thing that can happen in my life, in the extremely rare, wildly unlikely chance that it'd happen. All I need left is a shelter, food and water, and a constant flow of money to keep the essential resources I've said above going, and I'm set for life.

Right now I'm aiming for a decent life (I've decided that being rich is just gonna take too much work, and it'll increase my reputation, which is NOT something I want to happen to me, as I'll explain in a few paragraphs). OK house, good food (I'm not really thinking about a can of caviar and a prime ribeye steak per day, but you get what I mean by "good food". Something you can get from the supermarket everyday, a visit to a restaurant every few days, you get the damn idea), a laptop, and primo Wi-Fi (AKA broadband Internet connection). That's my definition of a good life. The less things I have to worry about, the better things are for me (and my gradually degrading sanity, not to mention). Which, by the way, is also another reason why I'm still confused on whether or not to have a family or not. Ah, screw it. That stuff can wait for a few years.

I should probably talk about social status now. What should my reputation be to reach a euphoric life? After many years of wondering, I have finally decided that if possible, I should probably stay incognito for, I dunno, say, my entire life (I can hear you screaming at me now, "JASON WHY IN THE NAME OF DOG WOULD YOU WANNA BE INCOGNITO YOU DUMB @$$#0!&?!"). Well, dear reader, here's my reason. The main reason I don't want to have people going around saying, "Hey, it's Jason, that guy who (insert awesome act here)!" is because there is a LOT of things that they can say about me. Spoiler alert: Not all of them may be good.

But unfortunately, that's all the time we have today. I'll write again soon, and until then, this is goodbye. See ya until then!

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