Sunday, August 16, 2015


When you think about it, there really is no such thing as a "perfect world". Maybe if one day humans learnt NOT to be the ungrateful little ingrates that we are, we MIGHT just have a chance at it. But thanks to us, the dream of a "perfect world" is yet to be seen.

To help back up my theory, let's start with this one: Humans (most of them, at least) are used to taking everything they have for granted (I said MOST humans, OK? Please don't hate me for this). Let's take a quick example. Guy A is a billionaire playboy (think Bruce Wayne, but probably without all the philanthropic behavior and having a cave under his mansion that fuels his secret life as a superhero), living the grand life of luxury in his giant, cozy-ass mansion in some rich area somewhere in the world with access to whatever the hell money can buy for him. Everyday he splurges his money on food, taking care of his massive house, expensive clothes, and other things that one would need to fuel his lifestyle.

Let's move to Guy B. Unlike Guy A, B is not rolling in an enormously huge stash of cash and luxury, but rather in the fact that he is just another tiny man in this great, big, unforgiving world. Sure, he may not a lowly miser who can't afford $#!+, but he sure isn't some spendthrift celebrity who can buy whatever the hell he wants. Instead, he's just a single man in a normal house with a job in the office that keeps his boat adrift on the waters of life (I guess you could say that while Guy B is in a puny boat in the sea of life, Guy A is busy chillin' on his huge f***ing cruise ship). Guy B has a regular house that you expect of a regular citizen, but it is no mansion (I think that you guys are smart enough to figure out what the typical house looks like, so I'm gonna save myself a bit of trouble and NOT spend the next few paragraphs trying to explain what a regular house looks like, if you don't mind).

So, given both of their predicaments, logically, Guy A should be happier, right? I mean, c'mon. He's living the high life in that giant building that he calls his house, he's got no financial problems whatsoever, and he can do whatever the absolute f*** he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it. What chance has Guy B got? He's just got this puny little house that only has a TV and a few other electronics and eats the food of the regular folk (as opposed to Guy A, who's probably enjoying his giant stockpile of caviar and Kopi Luwak back at his house).

Actually, that's all just a matter of perspective. Happiness, as I probably may have mentioned several gajillion times now, is a state of mind, not something that you must achieve using worldly means. Dude, if you gave me an Animus (an Animus is a machine from the Assassin's Creed series that can be used to travel back in time to literally replay (or at least that's what I think you do in an Animus) the memories of the past like in a video game. I'm not going to post a link to the webpage on the Web because I fear that might be the cause behind this warning I got in my blog a few weeks ago. Sorry, can't take any chances) that could entertain me for the rest of my life, then I really couldn't care about much else in my life (unless, of course, my dominant human nature will express ungratefulness and screw me over again. We'll get to that when it happens, IF I ever manage to get an Animus one day, whcih I probably won't).

We'll talk more of this later, in another post. Until then, as usual, I'll see you in the next post. Jason out. Peace!

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