Friday, November 15, 2013

Rogue Jobs

When times get foul, some people resort to criminal measures. Millions of people have fallen prey to criminal acts, and it has been corrupting the world everyday. This post has been mainly used for telling you about various types of criminals that pester us everyday. So without further ado, let's get straight to it!

The weakest and most common type of criminals, they can be any member of a crowd. Some of these include pickpockets, convenience shop robbers, and any other evildoer you know as a "petty criminal". These guys aren't exactly a very big threat and can easily be remedied with the local police enforcement, but their common and continuous existence make them very annoying criminals. If you were in a very tight spot and cannot get a decent job, you might actually turn into one of these people (god forbid).

These guys are classified as armed robbers who plan their crimes ahead. Bank robbers are a good example. Basically these guys are the people who automatically attract police attention (and by "police attention", I don't mean "cop car" level police attention; we're talking "Grand Theft Auto 4-Star police attention, where not only the police come after you with their typical 9mm Berretas; we're talking SWAT, armored trucks and (occasionally) the army and their arsenal of awesome weaponry and vehicles). These guys are rare (due to the fact that very little people actually have the guts and money to pull of these suicidal stunts.

By far the biggest group of criminals to ever exist, these mighty mayhem-makers brew up world-news level crimes. They may take control of the White House, hijack Air Force One, plunge the world into an economical crisis, and much more. For these, the country that is being assaulted b the terrorists will call the army, SWAT, and even troops from overseas to help the country contend with their extreme problem. They arrive in massive teams, use top-notch technology to do the crime, but fortunately incidents like this happen very VERY rarely.

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