Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Beautiful Game (Part 1)

 I am a rather avid gamer, if I may say so myself. As a matter of fact, I spend most of my spare time (correction: ALL of my spare time) playing games. Video games, to be more precise. I've (inadvertently) started many arguments regarding my compulsive gaming habits, mostly involving my parents (parents and gaming don't go hand in hand. Well, not MOST of the time anyway, especially if you're talking about my dad. Then again, remember that this only applies to CERTAIN cases).

But I didn't make this post to incessantly complain about my biased opinion towards the two people who had worked their asses off trying to raise their incompotent child as best they could. Instead, I made this post in order to voice my difficulty in trying to find a “middle ground” when it comes to online gaming. Don't have a goddamned clue on what I'm trying to say here? Well, let me enlighten you.

Allow me to introduce you guys (or at least the guys who have absolutely no fucking clue about what I'm about to say in the following paragraph and onward) to Hearthstone (do I need one of those copyright/trademark symbols to show that I'm not a plagiarizing dickhead for using the game's name without consent of its owners? Eh, we'll just figure that one out later down the road just in case we DO get banned or some shit. For now, just focus on telling the story). For those of you who're too lazy to move the mouse over to open a new tab on your browser (or if you're on a phone, I'm speaking to the people who're too lazy to move their fingers over to open a new tab on the phone's browser, in which case, shame on those people for being even more lazy than the computer-using motherfuckers. Man, I'm being so kind towards my audience right now...), I'll just wrap up the game for you as best I can: Hearthstone is a heavily RNG-reliant, turn-based card game in which you play cards based off of the characters in World of Warcraft against other players as various heroes from the Warcraft universe. Oh, for fuck's sake, I'll just provide you with a link to the motherfucking Wikipedia page myself so I don't have to spend 75% of this post trying to tell you all about it.

Now, without going into excruciatingly great detail, Hearthstone has been one hell of an eye-opening game for me. Not only has it increased my ability to play TCGs (that's short for “Trading Card Game”, by the way), but it's also significantly helped me with my ability to think on my feet and help me with my counting skills. Just a little. However, there is a much darker side to this game than you would imagine; on some days I play matches in which the opponent and I face off in an intense battle and I am reminded of how awesome the game is, but there are also several days in which the matchups I encounter become so toxic, I start losing faith in a) my ability to play the game and b) humanity in general.

And as per fuckin' usual, I'll leave it at that. This story is gonna take a while to tell, so I'd rather talk about it in some other post rather than spill all of it now, although I kinda wish I could just type the entire thing now. Choices, choices. And with that being said, I'll be leaving now. Ta-ta, people.

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